Commercial Vehicles

The commercial vehicle sector is experiencing a period of rapid transformation, like nothing that’s been seen before.

Truck, bus, and van operators are having to make critical choices between diesel, HVO, biomethane, or electric power, with fuel cell electric and hydrogen combustion on the horizon.

Any move away from diesel will likely mean vehicles and refuelling strategies become mission specific. While this may reduce flexibility and necessitate higher investment costs, the trade-off is significant – a marked improvement in sustainability and toward the goal of net zero.

There are also disruptor brands entering the market, continually evolving safety technologies as well as major cities setting their own safety standards, exemplified by Transport for London’s Direct Vision Standard.

And that’s before you think about autonomous vehicles, aerodynamic enhancements, airless tyres or AI.

While some are simply stuck battling the more immediate burdens of driver shortages, fuel costs, regulatory compliance, traffic congestion and road safety.

Quite frankly, it all makes the introduction of Euro 4/5 and AdBlue seem like a walk in the park, for anyone who remembers!

The good news is that our specialist team understands all the challenges and opportunities commercial vehicle companies face today, and can provide you with the reactive, proactive and creative PR and communications support you need.

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