Media training

Mastering the media spotlight

Speaking to the media is an essential part of any PR strategy, so it’s vital you and your senior team can articulate your products and services professionally and answer questions with confidence and clarity.

Having professional spokespeople available for comment, interview, presentations, and public Q&As enhances your reputation, builds valuable credibility and elevates your brand.   

Led by a former journalist, our tailored full-day media training session helps prepare you and your senior team for a variety of scenarios including one-to-one journalist interviews, podcasts and panel discussions.

AWARDS WE can help you win

We combine theory with practical exercises to ensure you have the skills you need to shape conversations, convey key messages, and position yourself as a trusted expert.

You’ll learn how to maximise the opportunities of planned media encounters and minimise risks when it comes to unwanted attention in times of crisis.

We can also help define and sharpen key messages, so complex and technical information is crafted into a narrative that will resonate with your target audience.

Your mock broadcast interviews will be recorded on camera and playback will be used throughout the day to support feedback. The footage will also be shared with you afterwards accompanied by notes on next steps and the option for follow-up coaching if required.

Our sessions can be run one-on-one or for groups of up to three people, and can be held at our offices, on your site or at a mutually convenient location. 

“I found it really useful and definitely felt a shift from the first to second interview for the whole team. Great session and some really good messages for us to take away and work on.”

Dr Chris Smith-Brown, Clinical Advisor, PHIN

Our Media Training Session includes:

If you’re keen for you and your team to maximise positive media opportunities and minimise negativity and reputation risk, contact us today for a free consultation.