Your story, well told

In today’s content-driven world, where attention spans are fleeting and competition is fierce, having something to say is no longer enough. You need to captivate, engage and convert.

That’s where we come in. Our talented team of writers delve deep into your business and use our specialist knowledge of your sector to create stories that gain attention, spark meaningful conversations and drive results.

We craft content that showcases your expertise and builds confidence in your brand. We establish your business as a thought leader with compelling material that resonates with your customers and empowers your team.

AWARDS WE can help you win

As former journalists, we know exactly what makes news and what doesn’t and we’re experts at turning the mundane into an audience magnet.

We’re also strategic about your content planning and delivery. We ensure you have the right stories at the right time, and tailor them to the right audiences – from stakeholders and investors, to journalists, industry bodies and associations, partners and suppliers, existing customers and prospects, communities, influencers and of course your entire team.

And once we have created the story once, we work-hard to re-use the content across all of your different channels to ensure it reaches the maximum audience and earns the strongest ROI. 

Press releases, blog posts and feature articles

In-depth insights, engaging stories, and industry expertise

White papers and ebooks

Authoritative thought leadership pieces that establish your brand as a trusted voice

Case studies and testimonials

Third party endorsement that’s worth its weight in gold

Social media content

Creative campaigns, captivating captions, consistency in posting, community engagement and crisis comms

Video content

From explainer videos and product demos to customer testimonials and recording your events

Infographics and data visualizations

Complex technical data is transformed into easily digestible graphics

Interactive content

Quizzes, polls, and calculators that engage your audience and collect valuable insights

Award entries

Compelling entries win awards, boost morale and create market differentiation

The Edelman Trust Barometer survey showed authentic content earns the trust of 88% of global consumers. That includes your clients.

To understand how we can quickly start making content for your business that will win your customers’ attention and trust, set up a call with one of our senior team today. Your story deserves to be heard.

The team at Garnett Keeler thoroughly understands our business and with their dedication, friendly and professional approach they serve as a true partner in helping us reach our marketing objectives.

Lorraine Sculley, Head of Marketing, Fraikin

Compelling and creative copy can improve:

Credibility and trust

Audience engagement

Leads and conversions

Employee engagement

Brand value

Competitive advantage