Strategy development

The secret to our success

Effective communication is about what you say, how, when, and where you say it, and to whom. However, often the most important question is ‘why?’.

Unlike other transactional comms agencies, we take the time to really understand your business objectives and priorities so we can confidently create a communications plan for you that will help you achieve your goals and provide maximum ROI.

And because we are already specialists in your sector, we have the knowledge, context and connections to make sure you’ll stand out among your competitors.

AWARDS WE can help you win

We recognise the significance of earned, owned, paid, and shared media across traditional and digital platforms, and our strategic plans will consider all options.

We also look at the direct communications you have with your customers and stakeholders – including employees, and the in-person events and meetings you attend, to ensure you have a communications strategy that is cohesive and maximises all opportunities including collaborations.  

While each strategy is unique based on business objectives, it is likely we will recommend a schedule of regular proactive communications, high-quality content development, multi-channel sharing and monthly data reviews.

It has been an immense pleasure to work with Garnett Keeler for over 20 years. From the smallest biotech start-up to the largest animal health pharma companies, the team at Garnett Keeler has brought insight, wisdom and flawless execution to all aspects of communications. They continue to provide outstanding comms programmes and the new team members are expert in modern methods of engaging with audiences.

Dr Simon Wheeler, Group International Business Manager, Darvall

The volume, frequency and scale of our activities will be tied directly to budgets, which we are renowned for sticking to meticulously. We also pride ourselves in giving incredible value, re-purposing content wherever possible to give you as much bang for each buck. 

So, if you’re looking for a strategic approach to your communications that includes a clear, creative and compelling results-driven plan, please get in touch with us today.