Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of veterinary services requires a keen understanding of the multifaceted challenges and innovations shaping the industry.

Veterinary professionals are no strangers to the increasing demand for personalised and advanced care, driven by pet owners’ rising expectations and clinics are striving to balance traditional practices with the integration of cutting-edge technologies.

Moreover, regulatory compliance and evolving standards in animal healthcare underscore the need for strategic communication in this space.

Our experienced team understands the delicate balance between fostering client trust, meeting compliance requirements, and embracing innovation.

Whether your focus is on small companion animals, large livestock, or exotic species, we are ready to provide comprehensive and tailored PR and communications support.

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It has been an immense pleasure to work with Garnett Keeler for over 20 years. From the smallest biotech start-up to the largest animal health pharma companies, the team has brought insight, wisdom and flawless execution.

Dr Simon Wheeler, Group International Business Manager, Darvall