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Every business, no matter how successful, faces unforeseen challenges. In today’s hyper-connected world, a single misstep can quickly spiral into a full-blown crisis, damaging your reputation and jeopardising your brand.

That’s why you need a support team.

We’re not just PR experts; we’re crisis communications veterans, equipped with the experience and strategic foresight to navigate even the most turbulent situations.

AWARDS WE can help you win

We understand the lightning speed of the news cycle, the power of social media, potential escalation points and the critical importance of swift, decisive action in mitigating reputational damage.

We also know that in the face of adversity, a clear voice and a strategic approach can turn a crisis into an opportunity for resilience and growth.

A survey by PwC in 2023 said 57% of businesses suffer significant financial losses due to inadequate crisis management. A Gartner report from the same year revealed businesses with established crisis plans are EIGHT times more likely to recover from a crisis successfully.

Why choose us for crisis communications?

Our crisis communications toolkit:

Rapid Situation Assessment

We quickly analyse the situation, identify potential risks, and develop a strategic action plan

Media Relations

We manage media enquiries, crafting and delivering clear, consistent messaging across all channels

Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

We actively monitor conversations, posting and engaging when appropriate

Internal Communication

We support you in making sure your team is informed, empowered and morale is maintained

Reputation Management

We work hard to limit negative coverage and rebuild your brand image where necessary

Post-Crisis Analysis and Recovery

We work with you to identify lessons learned and mitigate future issues

Remember: A crisis can strike at any time, but being prepared can make all the difference. Partnering with us ensures you have a dedicated team of crisis communications experts by your side, ready to guide you through the storm and emerge stronger than before.

If you’re concerned about how your business would cope with a crisis, book a free crisis comms call with one of our senior team. We can help you develop a comprehensive crisis communications plan before you face any issues in your business.

We also provide full media training which we strongly recommend for all senior leaders, for the good times and the bad.